Costume Designer, Art Direction and Fashion Stylist based in Barcelona - Olga Amaya

I am a freelance fashion stylist and costume designer based in Barcelona.

After graduating my studies of art in Colombia I moved on to study fashion. Since my youth I am fascinated by clothes and their impact on creating characters and it is a dream come true to work in the field of my passion. Since 2015, I gained experience in advertising, e-commerce, costumes for music videos as well as personal projects such as editorials. In my past I have worked on various projects for Mango and production companies like twenty four seven, smile, etc.


twenty four seven, smile, greener, Albiñana films, Canada, astrolabi films, Carlos Sadness, Dulceida, Javiera Mena, Chicasobresalto, Marc Salvador, Missex, to name a few.
In addition to this type of clients I do collaborations with magazines.


Herdes, Cake Magazine, fucking young, Client Magazine, View Magazine


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